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In Costa Cruises we are looking ahead. Ahead towards a future that is increasingly

sustainable and that always puts social responsibility at the center of our way of

doing business. We are aware of the commitment required to achieve tangible and

meaningful results and we recognize how crucial it is, in a context like ours, to

address environmental and social issues coherently and consistently.

Events in 2015 underlined the importance of sustainable development on the

global agenda. Vital questions for the future of the planet like the need to tackle the

challenge of climate change urgently, reiterated at COP 21 Paris, the importance

of guaranteeing sustainable agriculture, eliminating hunger and under-nutrition,

and limiting food waste, as stressed at the Milan Expo, and the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals all point the way forward in the direction of new

equilibriums as we rethink the future. Costa Cruises is more committed than ever to

making a telling contribution in this sense.

We firmly believe that in an international market like the cruise industry, a global

vision, efficiency and capacity to invest in the continuous renewal of the fleet and

the product are vital components for successful, sustainable business. By creating

a development model that leverages significant financial resources, unique know-

how and excellent human capital, and is aimed at bolstering important and lasting

values for the market as a whole, we can confidently pursue the path to long-term


This new edition of the Sustainability Report shows the route we have embarked on,

the many impressive results we have achieved and our plans for the future, notably

our new LNG-fueled ships, which are currently under construction and are designed

to provide a truly memorable cruise experience while guaranteeing a considerably

lower environmental impact.

Today more than ever, Costa Cruises is a responsible global citizen, broadening

our horizons by adding new routes and destinations, bringing people together and

generating employment and development opportunities wherever we operate. This

makes us proud and even more determined to carry out those actions required to

ensure that tomorrow’s cruisers can experience the same thrills and excitement as


Neil Palomba


Costa Cruises

Letter to the stakeholders